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SignalPathTM 201 (SP201) Signaling Gateway




Need to connect your VoIP Gateway to SS7/C7 networks?  Need to upgrade from R2 to C7?  Want to lower call setup times?

SP201 is the answer!

SP201 - 1 to 4 T1/E1

The SignalPathTM 201 (SP201) Signaling Gateway is today's answer for connecting your TDM or VoIP equipment to C7 or SS7 based networks.  Rather than be stuck with expensive, large server based SS7 systems or softswitches, the SP201 is your economical alternative for SS7/C7 connectivity.  With a wide range of protocol support, the SP201 enables a seamless interface between in-band and out-of-band networks for thin route applications. 

Different types of telephony communication protocols, both in-band and out-of-band, exist globally. Some applications have as many as six or seven protocols in use within one network. The SP201 provides an economical solution to break down the communication barriers presented by these different protocols and enables the flow of information across any network.

Not only can you increase your potential to connect to a larger portion of the world market, but you can also eliminate charges you may be currently paying to one or more service providers for your network connections enhancing your revenues and business.



Multiple protocol support in a single platform means better connectivity and a lower overall operating cost. Standard Protocols supported are:

  • CAS - R1, R2, and DTMF 

  • ANSI SS7, ITU-T C7, ETSI ISUP, Spanish ISUP, NOM112, C7 variants (e.g., Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain and others)

  • PRI - ISDN (NI2 and ETSI)

  • Custom variants of both in-band and out-of-band protocols are available.


  • Multiple maintenance features enable quick and cost-effective resolution of network problems.

  • Trace functionality is available to aid in troubleshooting configuration and network problems.

  • Teleprime's  IP  Adapter allows remote  IP     access for the SP201 for your control.

  • Visual and dry contact alarms allow for remote and local monitoring.


The SP201's small footprint and one card solution is ideal for the user with emerging requirements or for connection to legacy VoIP gateways such as the Cisco AS5300TM.

The SP201 Signaling Gateway is designed to handle most protocols—seamlessly. The system's intelligent processor and DSP based technology gives service providers connectivity to SS7/C7 networks without costly softswitches enabling the advantages of faster call setup times and enhanced revenues.  SP201 also provides service providers with the capability to offer advanced revenue generating services such as ISDN, and user services (caller ID, call back, call forwarding, 911 emergency access, etc.).

In addition, the SP201 facilitates the evolution from an in-band network signaling protocol to an out-of-band one, an approach becoming more desirable today because of SS7's capability to support a greater number of circuits/users more efficiently.

With the capability to support R1, R2, DTMF, ANSI SS7, ITU-T C7, and Primary Rate ISDN,  protocol conversions within a single platform, the SP201 is the premier signaling gateway for meeting network control signaling incompatibilities today.


  • The SP201 features a compact 1U height designed for budgeted space, with a capacity of up to 4 E1 or T1 interfaces for the customer with thin route or emerging requirements.

  • Chassis-based, the SP201 is designed specifically for today’s high standards in the communications environment.


  • Standard RJ48 connections

  • Optional coax baluns (E1-75-ohms)

  • Up to 4 E1 or T1 trunks

  • Up to 124 DS0s per chassis

  • Dynamic bi-directional µ-Law/A-Law T1/E1 conversion

  • Cross-connect and circuit mapping capability

  • Teleprime optional IP Adapter for remote IP access

  • 19 in. (48.26 cm) rack-mountable chassis

  • Option of either -48 VDC or 120/240 VAC power input

SP201 Data Sheet (click)


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