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Signal Path 201-SA(SP201-SA)





A low cost signaling solution for establishing PBX connections with international R2-based networks.


Lower cost - It is Lower in cost and has expanded feature set. It provides optimal signaling conversion in PBX, IP-PBX, and video-conferencing applications.

Compact design - It is an extremely compact unit designed for limited space. It is easily placed on top of existing PBX equipment.

Versatile - It is a smaller, more versatile version of the R2Adapter, which was developed as a PBX solution for both carrier and enterprise customers.

Easy Integration - It is designed for fast, easy, economical integration of IP and CAS networks, quite simply connects PBX type equipment with a digital T1 or E1 interface to R2 or legacy signaling equipment with a digital T1 or E1 interface in the PSTN.

Single, bi-directional T1/E1 interface - It is the best cost-effective choice for enterprise applications, while offering unsurpassed flexibility.

Software-selectable menu - The options for connections simplify installation so much that setup time is minimal.

Standard RJ48 and BNC interface -  Simplifies T1 and E1 connectivity to equipment on the customer premises.

Simplifies Conversions - One of its important features are ISDN rate conversion and Dynamic bi-directional A-Law to -Law T1/E1 conversion

International Protocol Support

  • R2 to ETSI ISDN

  • R2 to NI2 ISDN


  • DTMF to NI2 ISDN

  • R1 to NI2 ISDN

  •  Standard Interfaces

    • RJ48 connector for T1

    • RJ48 connector for E1-120 ohm

    • BNC connector for E1-75 ohm

     Standard Port Connections

    • T1 to E1-75 ohm

    • E1-75 ohm to E1-75 ohm

    • T1 to T1

    • E1-120 ohm to E1-75 ohm

    • E1-120 ohm to E1-120 ohm

    • T1 to E1-120 ohm

    SP201SA Signaling Adapter Datasheet (Click)


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