Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG800 series, 1 to 8 T1/E1 capacity, up to 256 VoIP channels

Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG3200RJ series, 8 to 16 T1/E1 capacity, up to 512 VoIP channels

Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG3200TE series, 16 to 64 T1/E1 capacity, up to 2048 VoIP channels

Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG3200DS3 series, 1 to 3 DS3 capacity, up to 2016 VoIP channels

Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG3200DS3 series, 1 STM-1 capacity, up to 2016 VoIP channels

Signaling & Media Gateway, TMG7800 series, 8 to 1024 T1/E1, 1 to 48 DS3, 1 to 16 OC3/STM-1 capacity, up to 32768 VoIP channels

QuadroM Dual E1/T1 VoIP Gateway and ISDN Signaling Converter

Secure VPN SCADA/Data Router Bandit II

Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway Solutions


Teleprime Advanced Communications Division sells state of the art Feature Group D (FGD) gateway products for your CAS, ISDN, SS7, SIP, SIGTRAN and other signaling gateway requirements.

What is a Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway?

A Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway enables network connectivity from CAS MF signaling legacy networks to switches and equipment that use different signaling protocols.  To inter-work standardized signaling protocols like SIGTRAN, SIP, SS7, C7, C5 (N5), DTMF, R2, ISDN, and other CAS or CCS signaling based protocols, a Feature Group D (FGD) gateway is required. Applications for switches, VoIP gateways or next generation networks  can be enabled by our Feature Group D (FGD) gateway products.  For newer VoIP and SIGTRAN networks, the Feature Group D (FGD) gateway offers a low cost WAN access to SS7 or C7 based networks. Teleprime Advanced Communications Division now offers low cost IP web portal based provisioning for our Feature Group D (FGD) gateway products.  Teleprime ACD introduces the next generation, high performance TMG series and QuadroM series Feature Group D (FGD) gateway products.

If you need a Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway Please review our Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway product line below:


Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway Products

Feature Group D (FGD) to ISDN or SIP Signaling Gateway

Single Span (1 E1/T1 port to another E1/T1 port) QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway

The QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Feature Group (FGD) gateway provides an economical entry level signaling converter solution for applications using SIP, H.323, PRI ISDN or CAS signaling protocols. The QuadroM Feature Group D (FGD) Gateway supports SIP, H.323, PRI ETSI/ANSI ISDN and CAS DTMF/MF for Feature Group D (FGD) based protocols in a single 1U rack mounted chassis. . The QuadroM includes call routing functions in signaling gateway platform for solving network signaling incompatibilities today. It may increase your potential to connect to a larger portion of the world market and may eliminate or reduce charges you for network connections.


ISDN Signaling Converter using QuadroM

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