SS7 Gateway, TMG800 series, 1 to 8 T1/E1 capacity, up to 256 VoIP channels

SS7 Gateway, TMG3200RJ series, 8 to 16 T1/E1 capacity, up to 512 VoIP channels

SS7 Gateway, TMG3200TE series, 16 to 64 T1/E1 capacity, up to 2048 VoIP channels

SS7 Gateway, TMG3200DS3 series, 1 to 3 DS3 capacity, up to 2016 VoIP channels

SS7 Gateway, TMG3200DS3 series, 1 STM-1 capacity, up to 2016 VoIP channels

SS7 Gateway, TMG7800 series, 8 to 1024 T1/E1, 1 to 48 DS3, 1 to 16 OC3/STM-1 capacity, up to 32768 VoIP channels

QuadroM Dual E1/T1 VoIP Gateway and ISDN Signaling Converter

Secure VPN SCADA/Data Router Bandit II

SS7 Gateway Solutions


NEW - SS7 Gateway platforms are next generation gateways supporting both ITU and ANSI SS7 that expand capabilities while lowering recurring costs

Teleprime Advanced Communications Division (Teleprime ACD) Integrated SS7 Gateway Solutions...

A next generation SS7 gateway is now available from Teleprime ACD. Based on Teleprime ACD’s 12 years of worldwide signaling experience, Teleprime ACD’s new expandable SS7 Gateway uses a lower cost platform that eliminates multiple chassis and reduces startup, co-lo, maintenance and power costs. Teleprime ACD specializes in providing service providers & users a complete systems solution vs. others that can’t offer the SS7 or SIP systems support or depend on limited manufacturer support. This includes helping you to define and implement special application requirements into the platform.

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SS7 Gateway Products:

SS7 Gateway Media System TMG800 Series

Startup costs are reduced with the TMG800 series SS7 gateways that begin with a capacity of 30 channels and can expand SS7 to SIP services up to 240 channels (8 T1/E1). The 1U SS7 to SIP rackmount chassis support multiple SS7 links for connection to different telcos and two 100/1000 BaseT ethernet ports for SS7 gateway network connections.


Scalable SS7 Gateway System, TMG3200 Series (Now with enhanced call processing)

Expanding on the TMG800 series, the TMG3200 series SS7 gateways provide scalable solutions for SS7 requirements with a 1U or 2U, dual power supply chassis. SS7 gateway capacities from 96 to 1024 channels are supported with both hardware and license key upgrade features. Multiple SS7 links can be supported (1 to 64) for SS7 gateway conversion. TMG3200 SS7 gateways support higher density SS7 applications with DS3 or OC-3/STM-1 fiber terminations.


High Capacity & Performance - SS7 Gateway System, TMG7800 Series

For carrier & large switch services SS7 gateway applications, the TMG7800 SS7 Gateway System offers a gateway platform scaling from 1536 to 32,768 ports with interface support for T1/E1, DS3, OC-3/STM-1 and premium SS7 call processing and IVR performance.


ISDN Signaling Converter using QuadroM Gateway! ISDN Signaling Converter

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