SS7 SIP Signaling Gateway

SP230 Signaling Gateway (replaced with TMG3200 or TMG7800 series)

SP201 Signaling Gateway (replaced with TMG800 series)

SP201SA Signaling Gateway (replaced with QuadroM Dual T1/E1 Gateway

QuadroM Signaling Gateway for ISDN conversion

Signaling Gateway Solutions

ISDN signaling gateway using QuadroM Gateway! ISDN Signaling Gateway


Teleprime Advanced Communications Division sells state of the art signaling gateway products for your CAS, ISDN, SS7, SIP, SIGTRAN and other signaling gateway requirements.

What is a Signaling Gateway?

A Signaling Gateway enables network connectivity by performing signaling conversion between various switches and equipment that use different signaling protocols.  To inter-work standardized signaling protocols like SIGTRAN, SIP, SS7, C7, C5 (N5), DTMF, R1, R2, ISDN, and other CAS or CCS signaling based protocols, a signaling gateway is required. Applications for switches, VoIP gateways or next generation networks  can be enabled by our signaling gateway products.  For newer VoIP and SIGTRAN networks, the signaling gateway offers a low cost WAN access to SS7 or C7 based networks. Teleprime Advanced Communications Division now offers low cost IP web portal based provisioning for our signaling gateway products.  Teleprime ACD introduces the next generation, high performance TMG series and QuadroM series signaling Gateway products.

If you need a Signaling Gateway Please review our Signaling Gateway product line below:


Signaling Gateway Products

ISDN Signaling Gateway for PRI Euro ISDN to PRI NI-2 signaling conversion

Single Span (1 E1/T1 port to another E1/T1 port) QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Signaling Gateway

The QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Signaling Gateway provides an economical entry level signaling gateway solution for applictions using SIP, H.323, PRI ISDN or CAS signaling protocols. The QuadroM Signaling Gateway supports SIP, H.323, PRI ETSI/ANSI ISDN and CAS (R1,R2,DTMF/MF) based protocols in a single 1U rack mounted chassis. . The QuadroM Signaling Gateway includes call routing functions in signaling gateway platform for solving network signaling incompatibilities today. It may increase your potential to connect to a larger portion of the world market and may eliminate or reduce charges you for network connections.


ISDN Signaling Converter using QuadroM

Signaling Gateway for SIGTRAN, CCS - SS7 or C7 or PRI ETSI or ANSI ISDN and CAS ( R2 ) - High performance TMG Series

The TMG-series Signaling Gateways are an advanced signaling gateway scalable platform designed to facilitate interoperability between incompatible signaling communication networks. The TMG-series Signaling Gateways enable a seamless interface between in-band and out-of-band signaling networks, and between other out-of-band networks. It has the capability to support CAS R2, ANSI/ITU SS7 (C7), SIP, SIGTRAN and Primary Rate (PRI) ISDN signaling protocols. TMG-800 Signaling Gateway capacity ranges from 2 T1/E1 ports to 8 T1/E1 ports. The TMG-3200 series Signaling Gateway can scale from 8 to 64 T1/E1 ports and the TMG7800 Signaling Gateway can range from 8 to 1024 T1/E1 ports. TMG-3200 and TMG-7800 series Signaling Gateways also support direct DS-3 and STM-1 or OC3 terminations.


TMG Series Signaling Gateway Products

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