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  Small Business VoIP Gateway

Small Business Quadro IP PBX

Small Business IP Telephone

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Small Business VoIP IP Products for IP PBX

Small Business VoIP IP PBX Products

Small Business VoIP IP ISDN PBX Products

Small Business VoIP IP Phone Products for IP PBX

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Teleprime's  VoIP  Based Products

     VoIP IP Telephone, IP PBX, VoIP Gateway and VoIP Conference Server Products

Teleprime sells state of the art VoIP IP Telephone, IP PBX,  VoIP Gateway and Conference Server products for your Voice over IP (VoIP) access, business or carrier services   needs.


What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?


Voice over IP  (VoIP) is a method of sending voice signals over an INTERNET protocol (IP) based network.  The technology uses voice coder/decoder (codec) devices (DSPs or application software) along with call processing algorithms running on either embedded telecommunications systems or computers to convert analog voice signals into IP based packets suitable for transmission over the IP network or INTERNET.  Calling functions are typically managed by a protocol called SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) that handles the routing and management of VoIP Calls.  VoIP products such as VoIP IP Telephones, VoIP IP PBXs and VoIP Gateways may use SIP for call routing.  VoIP IP Telephones typically have a telephone instrument that connects to a network interface device or  router or IP access point instead of a telephone jack from the central office.  IP PBX equipment usually can connect both VoIP IP Telephones and standard analog telephone instruments and even connect to the central office using existing legacy telephone lines.  VoIP Gateways use higher density telephone lines called T1 or E1 and convert them to VoIP for call placement over VoIP Networks.  


If you need VoIP IP Telephones, IP PBXs or VoIP Gateways and Conference Servers, please review our product line below:



Voice over IP (VoIP) Products

VoIP IP Telephone for end users, 2 or 10 line telephone service, with speakerphone, calling features, LCD display

VoIP IP Telephone

VoIP IP PBX for end users, SOHO, end office and small offices, small businesses, with FXS ports for instruments, FXO ports for central office connection, ISDN port option (in place of FXO) and IP ports for VoIP IP Telephones.  Includes advanced features such as auto-attendant, voice mail, supplementary calling, call reroute, etc.


VoIP Gateway for small business and carrier service providers providing T1 or E1 central office or PBX connections to VoIP networks using advanced signaling PRI, CAS -DTMF or MF, R2, etc.

VoIP Gateway

VoIP Conference Server for the active enterprise that wants control over business conferencing, lowering costs and increased productivity.  Up to 25 member conference, multiple conferences, conference selection features

VoIP Conference Server


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What is a Small Business IP PBX? - Small business IP PBX

What is an ISDN Signaling Converter? - ISDN Signaling Converter


Signaling Terms




C7/VoIP Signaling

C7 monitor

Signaling Converter


C7/VoiP Signalling

Portable C7 monitor

CAS signaling converter

VoIP Gateway

CAS signaling 

Portable SS7 monitor

Signaling protocol converter

VoIP Network

CAS signalling 

Portable SS7/C7 monitor

C7 converter

VoIP Equipment

In-band signaling

SS7 monitor

C7 Protocol Converter


In-band signalling

SS7/C7 monitor

C7/ETSI converter

VoIP Telephone

Out-of-band signaling


C7/PRI converter


Out-of-band signalling

BER measurement

C7 Protocol Conversion

VoiP H.323

PRI signaling

Signaling measurement

Signaling Conversion

Epygi Quadro IP PBX Terms

R2 signaling


C7 signaling conversion

Epygi IP PBX

SS7 signaling

Test Analyzer

CAS signaling conversion

Epygi IP-PBX

SS7 / VoIP Signaling

C7 analyzer

CAS signaling conversion

Epygi Quadro IP PBX

SS7 / VoIP Signalling

Portable C7 analyzer

CAS signaling converter

Epygi Quadro IP-PBX

Portable SS7 analyzer

ISDN signaling converter

Quadro IP PBX

Signaling Gateways

Portable SS7/C7 analyzer

Signaling protocol conversion

Quadro IP-PBX

C7 Gateway 

SS7 analyzer

Signalling Conversion

Epygi PBX

C7 Signaling Gateway

 SS7 signaling analyzer  Signaling Conversion Epygi PBXs
 C7 Signalling Gateway

SS7/C7 analyzer

Signalling Converter

Epygi Quadro2x

C7 Signaling

T1 Analyzer

Signalling protocol conversion

Epygi Quadro4x

Signaling Gateway

T1/E1 Analyzer

Signalling protocol converter


Signalling Gateway

Signaling analyzer

SS7 Signaling Conversion

Epygi IP-PBX

SS7 Gateway

E1 Analyzer

SS7 Signaling Converter

Epygi IP PBX equipment

SS7 Signaling Gateway

Test and Measurement

SS7 ISDN signaling conversion

Epygi IP PBX system

SS7 Signalling Gateway

BER testing

SS7 ISDN signaling converter

Epygi IP PBX interfacing

Signaling Adapters

Bit error rate testing

SS7 PRI Signaling Conversion

Epygi IP PBX connection

C7/ISDN adapter

E1 portable tester

SS7 PRI Signaling Converter

Epygi IP PBX features

C7/PRI adapter

E1 Tester 

SS7 Protocol Conversion

Epygi IP PBX calling

PRI adapter

Signaling Tester

SS7 Protocol Converter

Epygi IP PBX calling features

R2 adapter

Signalling Tester

SS7/C7 signaling conversion

Epygi IP PBX Quadro

SS7 adapter

T1 portable tester

SS7/C7 signaling converter

Epygi Quadro
 Signaling adapter

T1 Test equipment


 Signalling adapter

T1 Tester

ISDN signaling converter

VoIP Gateway

T1/E1 portable tester

QuadroM ISDN signaling converter

Signaling Gateway

T1/E1 test equipment

QuadroM Dual ISDN signaling converter

IP Gateway

T1/E1 Tester

ISDN signalling converter

IP PBX Gateway

E1 test equipment


QuadroM VoIP Gateway
    QuadroCS Conference Server QuadroM Gateway
    Conference Bridge QuadroM E1/T1
    Conference Server QuadroM Dual E1/T1
    VoIP Conference Server E1/T1 Gateway
    VoIP Conference Bridge Dual E1/T1 Gateway

Small Business

  VoIP Voice Conference Bridge IP & VoIP Telephone

Small business IP PBX

  VoIP Voice Conference Server IP Telephone

Small business Quadro IP PBX

  QuadroCS Voice Conference Server VoIP Telephone

Hosted IP PBX

SNOM 300 IP telephone QuadroCS Voice Conference Bridge IP & VoIP Telephone


SNOM 360 IP telephone    


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Epygi Quadro IP PBX

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