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QuadroM Single/Dual T1/E1 CAS or PRI ISDN VoIP Gateway

(w/call router)


For larger capacity gateway requirements, the QuadroM Single/Dual E1/T1 Gateways offer an advanced programmable & scalable gateway for connecting legacy telephone networks to IP. This full featured carrier grade gateway access system provides connectivity to your H.323 or SIP networks from a wide range of legacy circuit switched & PSTN type applications. Supporting T1/E1 PRI or CAS type ports, the QuadroM not only gives you IP access, you can support virtually any type of call mapping configuration for custom service offerings.  (SS7 with separate Teleprime signaling gateway).            More info on the QuadroM series...

 [Click here for QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Gateway data sheet]



Quadro E1/T1 CAS or ISDN to VoIP Gateway

The Quadro E1/T1 is a gateway to the world of VoIP. Connecting to an existing enterprise PBX or directly to the PSTN, the Quadro E1/T1 offers legacy to VoIP network connectivity. One FXS port is available for connection of a standard analog POTS phone or fax machine. VoIP network access is via the WAN Ethernet port for your voice and data traffic (data is supported with a separate LAN port). Up to 30 simultaneous SIP VoIP calls can be routed through the Quadro E1/T1. Supported signaling protocols of CAS DTMF/MF-R1, R2, and CCS (PRI) are supported (SS7 with separate Teleprime signaling gateway).

 [Click here for Quadro E1/T1 data sheet]

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Quadro FXO (for legacy connections to central offices or PBXs)

The QuadroFXO is a 6 port analog FXO VoIP Gateway. Using a modular approach for adding additional outside PSTN (POTS) lines to a corporate phone network, the QuadroFXO expands your services to a Quadro IP PBX. Each QuadroFXO is a stand-alone SIP gateway device consisting of a VPN-router, firewall, HTTP server, and call processing application.  Also equipped with LAN and WAN Ethernet ports, voice and data traffic are supported.

 [Click here for Quadro FXO data sheet]

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