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Signaling Gateways (Communication Products)

High Capacity/Fault Tolerant Signaling Converter (SP230) - CCS - SS7/C7 or PRI ETSI/ANSI ISDN and CAS (R1,R2,DTMF/MF) based
Scalable capacity - 1 to 44 T1 or E1 CAS or PRI trunks
T1/E1 Signaling Gateway and converter resolving signaling protocols such as SS7, C7, PRI/Euro ISDN, CAS such as R1, R2, DTMF, C5 and many others with true protocol conversion and processing in a single scaleable platform . SP 230 is the premier signaling platform for meeting network control signaling incompatibilities today. It Increases your potential to connect to a larger portion of the world market and also eliminates charges you may be currently paying to one or more companies for network connections. The SP230 has a modular design, with a capacity of up to 52 E1 or T1 interfaces.

SP201 or SP201Z -Thin Route Signaling Converter - NOW WITH C5 SIGNALING SUPPORT and supports SS7 access for AsteriskTM/DigiumTM!
CCS-SS7/C7 to PRI ETSI/ANSI ISDN or CAS signaling support (R1,R2,DTMF/MF) 

Scalable capacity - 1 to 4 T1 or E1 SS7 to CAS or PRI trunks (1 to 2 T1 or 1 E1 PRI/SS7 now supported in SP201Z)
The SP201 is an advanced signaling protocol converter designed to facilitate interoperability between incompatible communication networks. The SP201 enables a seamless interface between in-band and out-of-band networks, and between out-of-band networks and other out-of-band networks. It has the capability to support R1, R2, DTMF, C5, ANSI SS7, ITU-T C7, and Primary Rate ISDN protocol. SP201 has a capacity of 4 T1 or E1 spans. SP201Z can be ordered with 1, 2 or 4 spans (field upgradable).


SP201SA - Single or Dual Route Signaling Converter  - CAS/ISDN and CAS/CAS now supported!

Capacity - 1 or 2 T1 or E1 CAS or PRI trunks.
 The SP201-SA is the replacement, more versatile version of the R2Adapter. It addresses the need for a low-cost product that is universally compatible with most enterprise and customer premise PBXs, IP-PBXs, IP video conferencing, media gateways, and multi-service access devices. The compact SP201-SA desktop unit, which supports most R2 country variants, is capable of carrying traffic over one T1 or E1 trunk via standard BNC or RJ48 connections.


R2Adapter - Now replaced by lower cost SP201SA 1 or 2 span unit

Trunk Signaling Converter -CAS / In-band (TSC100) - DISCONTINUED - FINAL PURCHASE ONLY
An advanced protocol/signaling converter system that supports multiple CAS
signaling protocols, including R1, R2, DTMF, C5, DECADIC, and that can be easily configured for custom protocols. The TSC100 Trunk Signaling Converter is an advanced protocol/signaling converter system that provides connectivity between incompatible switches or network components.


VoIP Gateway - PSTN FXS / ISDN to VoIP SIP or H.323 

Teleprime introduces the economical TeleVoIPGate 120, an advanced programmable & scalable gateway for connecting legacy telephone networks to IP.  This full featured carrier grade gateway access system provides connectivity to your H.323 or SIP networks from a wide range of legacy circuit switched & PSTN type applications.  Supporting  FXS POTS, BRI-ISDN or T1/E1 PRI type ports, the TeleVoIPGate not only gives you IP access, you can support virtually any type of call mapping configuration for custom service offerings.



Monitoring Products

Advanced Portable Test & Measurement - T1 or E1 with CCS or CAS Signaling (TAM100)
The TAM100 series T1/E1 trunk Analyzer and Monitor product provides service providers a low cost solution for troubleshooting Telco links with signaling monitoring. Alternative testers and trace functions in switching systems do not offer the detailed analysis of a link problem diagnosed by the TAM100. With remote monitoring through the PC LAN interface, the service provider can quickly identify service related problems thereby restoring traffic quickly and minimizing down time. Whether your service is T1, E1, SS7, ISDN or in band Channel Associated Signaling such as R1, R2, DTMF or MF, the TAM100/TSR is the right solution to quickly get you in service and keep you there.


Advanced Secure IP VPN Broadband Access Router and Gateway with remote backup
The BANDITTM is a secure broadband access router, ideally suited for branch offices, that combines Virtual Private Network (VPN) security, remote diagnostics, dial backup, and extended network management tools in a single compact device.

Voice /Data Products

VoIP & Packet based Transport- MetroLAN
MetroLAN™ is a packet switched Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD) that transmits and receives voice, fax, and computer data over IP and Frame Relay networks. It has three analog voice ports, two data ports, and an Ethernet port. With the FXS/FXO module the unit’s three voice ports can be configured to operate in FXS/FXO loop start, FXS/FXO ground start modes and via software configuration (but not the E&M Mode). The unit that is capable of supporting E&M, can support only E&M and can be configured (via software) to operate in E&M immediate, wink, and delay start modes (2- and 4-wire in Type I, II, and V wiring configurations).

VoIP & Packet based Transport- GlobalStack
GlobalSTACK™ is a packet switching device that transmits and receives voice, fax, and computer data over IP and Frame Relay networks. The GlobalSTACK™ takes advantage of packetization so that voice traffic can be compressed to reduce bandwidth requirements. It allows voice transmissions to use the same equipment as data, thus eliminating the need for separate equipment (and the initial cost for hardware and maintenance). Digital voice outperforms analog voice in terms of line noise, making the GlobalSTACK™ the best choice for voice traffic.

Data Communications & IAD- FRAD family
WEB.RouterThe FRAD family of products MonoFRAD™, RingFRAD™, EtherFRAD™, and WEBrouter™, provide low-cost solutions for routing network traffic and for connecting legacy and LAN-based equipment to public or private Frame Relay networks. Using standards-based multi-protocol encapsulation, data spoofing, and other techniques, the FRAD products can accommodate virtually any traffic type for transport over a single or multiple Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC).

Data Communications & IAD- QUICK IIQuick II Term Router
The QUICK II™ Term Router™ is an integrated router, protocol converter, and terminal server designed for connecting Unisys Poll Select devices to IP networks and then transports them over a global Frame Relay network or forward them to a local Ethernet LAN. It also acts as a terminal server by delivering a transparent migration of legacy-to-LAN protocols to central site and remote host routers.

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