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Trunk Analyzer and Monitor(TAM100)




Portable tester for

both T1 and E1

(and now DS3/E3!)


Test both Trunk &

Signaling Parameters


The TAM100-VoIP, T1/E1 VoIP Network/Gateway Analyzer provides VoIP network users and service providers a low cost tool to test, verify and maintain VoIP networks at the WAN interface point for gateways, IP-PBX/switches and medium capacity legacy network terminals.

Click here for TAM100-VoIP Datasheet

The TAM100 offers the most economical solution for users who have combined needs of both T1 and E1 testing and require dual receivers/ transmitters for bi-directional signaling, SS7/ISDN protocol testing, or two-way drop/ insert access and testing. It features 100, 120 and 75 Ohm modes along with µ-law and A-law PCM codecs in both T1 and E1 interfaces.

Meets both domestic and international certifications

The TAM100 is a lightweight, battery-operated test set optimized for monitoring, testing and troubleshooting of channel banks, trunk circuits, multiplexers, digital switches, synchronous and asynchronous data circuits


This most unique portable unit offers the ability to switch between T1 and E1 software modes without having to purchase multiple sets or additional modules.

Test SS7, ISDN, R2, R1, TIMS, BERT ... and more.

TAM100 provides a true worldwide solution and the best industry value for your testing & maintenance needs.

The TAM100 is menu driven and operated from a simple keypad with push-button controls that are grouped functionally in an easy to use arrangement. The operator simply patches to the circuit under the test function and selects one of the pre-programmed or user defined macro’s. The pre-defined setups include MONITOR for In-Service and TEST for Out-Of-Service or Drop/ Insert functions. Framing and line code synchronization can be done automatically.

A data memory in the TAM100 includes an event logging function to record error and alarm events continually or over selected time periods.

Recorded test results can be reviewed on screen or transferred to a printer for a hard copy record.  Remote Operation from a PC option allows remote control of the TAM100.


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